A ‘viral’ update

You may be seeing some news coming out of Israel. Here’s the scoop.
Breaking news:
HAARETZ NEWS:  The Corona Cabinet convened tonight (Saturday) to discuss how to deal with the new coronavirus variant Omicron, which was first detected in Israel yesterday. According to the outline approved by the cabinet, vaccinated and recovering Israelis returning from abroad will have to quarantine for three days. Additionally, they will be required to undergo a corona test when they land, and another test 72 hours later.

This is in contrast to the current situation where returnees from abroad are required to undergo a single examination. In addition, the Cabinet announced that the entry of foreigners into Israel will be banned, except in cases approved by the Exceptions Committee.
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN  Nothing at the moment.  The travel ban was initially put in place for 14 days beginning Sunday, November 28.  
The 2022 Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage is still a ‘GO.’  Only as we get closer to travel dates will any other decision be made once the State of Israel and Gate 1 Travel make their determinations.  Take a deep breath and keep your travel plans in order.

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