Can ministers apply to participate in this pilgrimage?

We do not accept applications for the Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage.  Local Commanderies of Knights Templar (affiliated with the Masonic Fraternity) select Christian ministers from their area to Nominate for the program.  These Nominations may be processed locally and then submitted to the state committee on the Holy Land Pilgrimage. What you may doContinue reading “Can ministers apply to participate in this pilgrimage?”

Other Pilgrimage Opportunities

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE for Sir Knights, their Ladies, friends, and guests is open to anyone.  Each person is responsible for their own fees and expenses related to the pilgrimage.  Each person is responsible for being able to manage their own luggage and follow the itinerary.  This pilgrimage is an 11Continue reading “Other Pilgrimage Opportunities”

Pilgrimages for Christian Ministers

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE for Christian Ministers.  In this program, the various State Grand Commanderies of Knights Templar sponsor Christian Ministers on an expenses paid study pilgrimage in Israel for 11 days.  We do not solicit applications.  Local ministers are invited by individual Commanderies of Knights Templar to consider the possibility and a nominationContinue reading “Pilgrimages for Christian Ministers”